Should I surprise visit my ex GF?

its gonna be 1 month of break up after 2 days , i texted her once only for the 1st time after break up like 5 days ago, the reply was so late and her texts were very few. she only replied twice. i ask how she was with not getting a reply and then i gave her family a gift on Easter without seeing them cause they weren't at home (i wanted to see my ex) after she just said thanks and greeted me too and didn't reply again. like she doesn't give a damn about me anymore.


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  • ... She doesn't give a damn about me anymore...
    It seems with her attitude, leaving you with egg on your face when she 'Said thanks and greeted me too... that she may have moved on and doesn't appear here, dear to give a paw, which you thought you saw. She may have began her own beguine to start a new life.
    However, on the other hand, she could be still sore at you for this '1 month of break up,' and feeling that you could have Put more into it before hand, instead of this-------I texted her once only for the 1st time after break up like 5 days ago...
    Let it slide for now, no more pushing a button on your own end. Give her time to think about what gesture you made with the gift and the fact that you made an effort to hop on over to her... who knows, she just may give you a surprise of her own and... text a few.
    Good luck. xx

    • hey! thanks paris :)

    • So welcome, sweetie.. always two sides to the coin, I always say.. keep your fingers crossed. xx

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  • Walk away and move on.. If her interest in you is still high enough, at some stage she will get curious and reach out to you..
    Moving on will do you the world of good, and if she does you have an extra option. If she does not, your already over her anyway... Good luck mate

    • Attraction is not a choice, invest your energy in someone who appreciates it

    • thanks a lot

    • Sorry pal, I know it's not what you want to hear.. But the worst thing to do after a break up is chase, unless it was your decision

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  • sorry but this is true thats a bad idea leave her alone and move on

  • Well, you're broke up. Maybe you should just leave her alone and try and move on with your life.

    She's acting like she doesn't care about you because she needs to move on and that's the easiest way. If she texts and talks and sees you all the time then neither of you are going to move on.

    I know it's hard but you need to suck it up and walk away, she isn't yours any more.

  • Let her cool off. Don't go unexpected visits done it and my ex went mad ! We did get back bt now split again xx

  • Nope. Bad idea


What Guys Said 2

  • Hell no there is areason why she is your ex and its bin only one month and girls are so attached to there feelings

  • Why would you surprise visit somebody that doesn't want or care about you? Just makes you look like a weird stalker. Just move on


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