How long do you wait before calling quits after a fight in a relationship?

we got into a fight over the most stupidest thing. we have been together for about 4 months now. he's always tired and has no time for me so we ended up arguing. now we both aren't talking he hasn't called or texted me and its been 4 days. neither have i tried to contact him. How long do i wait before conclude its over? we are still friends on social media! will he ever message me?
last fight which was about 2 weeks ago was over the same thing but i contacted him within 3 days and now this time i want to see how much he wants this our relationship so i want him to contact me.

GUYS: what do you think. how long do i wait to hear from him?


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  • You compromised for the last so he have to compromise now? Hmmm... if you are matured and released the problem go and explain him that I m compromising for our relation but why don't you understand that. Then he feel sum and finally relise his mistake. Good luck😊

    • i cannot say sorry everytime when its his mistake.
      he called me needy when i wanted to talk to him i think that was very uncalled for...

    • If you think he did the misatje and you are matured so why don't you show his mistake to him and help him to grow up because you are loving him.

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  • If you're considering or unsure if you're together or not after a fight that was not over anything serious, call it quits now. Why don't you contact him, just ask what's up? Let bygones be bygones...
    I find it hard to believe you're between 25-29, and still playing games like these that should stay in high school.

    • lol how am i playing games? he called me thirsty and needy everytime i call him or text him. i dont wanna sound desperate like that. i really do love him but its hurting me too. i wait entire week to talk to him and on Saturday when i said talk to me for a bit when it was on 15 mins and he wanted to sleep he called me thirsty and said i dont respect his wishes. i respect that he has life i let him be when he wants to hang around with friends i never stop him. but i do want some of his time too.

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    • yeah i am def not grossly fat. i workout 5-6 times a week. i am 160 lbs and 5'4'' and he's a bit on the fit side. i am a bit overweight but not gross like that sort. anyways in the beginning he was so much fun always came forward to pursue me not he just doesn't care anymore. I don't know if its my weight issue or what. i just dont understand anymore why would he drive for so long and give me that gift card and now dont even contact me... what do i do? what do you suggest? i haven't talked to him in these 4 days. do you think he will ever message me or contact me? we are still friends on social media.

    • I really have no clue why he'd make such a grand gesture of giving you a $250 giftcard, only to give you a complete cop out with the 'not ready to commit'. Must have a lot of money to throw around!

      To be fair, with him having said that, you can't say he isn't playing with all his cards on the table. He made his intentions clear. If you do want an actual relationship with him, he's not looking for the same thing. Leave him be.

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  • Will he message you? No idea.

    If you both play the same waiting game then this silence can last a long time.

    • i contacted him first last fight i want him to contact me because then if i do he will take me for granted

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    • so then what do u think i should do? why would he still be with me when he's not attracted to me why would he lead me on like that and waste time for so long?

    • I can't tell you what to do, it's up to you.
      He's probably with you because he likes your personality and consider you to have potential. If you lost 20lbs, like he said then he would probably be ready to commit because then you would be more attractive to him. Maybe he's got no better options so he sticks around, I can only speculate.

  • You can wait for another week to see what happens and then you can take a call.


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  • he has to message you.. i m surprised it has already been 4 days

    • Why he has to?

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    • i agree with you @cinderelli because thats what i want to see if he actually cares enough to come back to me...

    • yes.. 4 days is already too much..

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