What should I do? My girlfriend of 6 years cheated on me, and lied about it for over a month?

I am 21 years old and have been seeing my girlfriend since we were both 15. For over 2 years now I have worked on the rigs and supported her and everything we need as a couple to be happy. I work a week on, week off schedule on the rigs to support our nice house, vehicles and daily lives. I recently took her to look at wedding rings, and had a time and place set up to ask her. Our anniversary was right around the time too.

I got a bad feeling and went through her Verizon text and call logs. When I confronted her on it she lied over and over and over for a week. I finally got the truth out and began to forgive her. I decided a month later to call the guy and get more info. Long story short, she did sleep with him at his house. I finally got it out of her but it took over a month and she didn't tell me, I found out :( Now main problem why I'm not gone already. We own a 250k house, and 3 expensive vehicles.

If I leave I will struggle to pay all bills and have to get rid of all my animals and things at home that I can't take care of with my schedule. I did get it out of her that he lasted a whopping 4 minutes and then she cried and felt bad. Don't matter, still cheating! Anyway, what should I do? I love this woman to death, everything I know, have and grown up to will be gone. She feels horrible but I don't know if every day of my life I can be unhappy and worry. With my job I have to have a little trust there, ya know?

On our ann. she text him more than me, that hurts to think about.I also feel that if I stay with her, it will show her that its OK to do, because I will forgive her again. But I love her to death and really did want to marry her and have a kid with her. We recently had a miscarriage that upset us both and then that's when this all started happening.

I do feel like we can work things out, but I don't know if sex, love, trust, etc will ever be there again. Please... Please any info will be awesome! Thanks
What should I do? My girlfriend of 6 years cheated on me, and lied about it for over a month?
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