Ex girlfriend blocked me 2 months after break up and we were not even FB friends and we haven't had any contact since the Breakup... Why?

My Ex girlfriend broke up with me a little over 2 months ago, I told her I loved her and wanted and wanted to make it work, after that I walked away and never looked back. We have not seen each other or had any contact since then. I unfriended her on FB a few days later

Today I noticed that she blocked me, kinda strange I thought since 1. we aren't friends and can't see anything but profile pictures on FB. 2. I haven't been in contact with her or using FB to contact her 3. She broke up with me, why would she care

I just think that its kinda strange and don't see why she felt she needed to block me after all this
She also blocked and then unblocked me once before after the break up
that was a month after we split


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  • maybe she doesn't want youin her life for some reason. sometimes its easier to cut all ties and not be in contact. sometimes it hurts too much.

    • I'm not in her life and have not been in contact since we broke up

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    • your prob right, its more of a reflection of her and what she needs to do to keep moving on, than a reaction to me or something I did.

    • yea, exactly. dont take it too personally. she's just trying to cope.

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  • actually she might've felt guilty of those bad moments (i suppose) u had 2gether, and they were rubbin her mind. i can get this feeling somehow, since it was happened 2 me but in a different way.

    for x-ample i was feelin guilty of being a member of some website and sometimes it was rubbin my mind. so i came back 3 months later just in order 2 delete my account there. same thing somehow happened here.


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  • It's her way of coping, from my experience I will block my ex so I won't get the urge to creep on his page, it's the process of moving on.

  • Girls will be girls


What Guys Said 2

  • She wanted payback... You unfriended her and she blocked you to get even with you...
    She is so immature... Gould thing you broke up and moved on.

  • She just wants to move on from her life and cut you out for good

    • felt pretty cut out before, guess this makes its official lol

    • It's best you do the same bro

    • I am, hence the not seeing or talking to her since we split. I said me peace and walked away. Just noticed this today and thought it was strange given all that has happened.

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