Haven't talked to my ex girlfriend in 2 year. is it worth reaching out?

me and my ex girlfriend broke up 2 years ago roughly. she ended it with me because i probably didn't come off taking it serious enough for her (she kind of gave me some sort of ultimatum) and i think was more into this other guy ( who she's in a relatonship with now since a couple months after we broke up). i was supposed to go see her and took longer than expected and she seemed mad. she called me to tell me not to come. told me she was into this other guy.
i saw she called my house phone the day i was supposed to go up. but walked away at that point then didn't hear from her. i reached out to her once to see if she wanted to hang out months later but she said she was seeing someone else ( she knew i knew who she was with so seemed like she was just trying to spare me feelings or something) we haven't talked since then over anything but text. in the last year she added me on snapchat. then she randomly messaged me just to have a 2 text regular conversation then blocked me.
Then i liked her instagram picture one random day cause she honestly looked sexy. she then a few days later sent me a friend request on facebook. i wasn't sure if i wanted to even try talking to her at that point so i just didn't accept her request for 2 months. maybe 2 weeks after i added her she deleted her facebook it seemed and all her social media prior to the facebook delete. nothing has happened between me and her since which was probably a half year ago. she never really contacted me directly.
1 y
It all could be for social media but she has looked happy with boyfriend on social media when id see there pics. I was about to be in town where she lives. Mind you again we haven't had a voice conversation in 2 years and she has a boyfriend. but at this point after all that time i just feel like she is what i want and to be honest i miss her we had some dope times together. I feel like if i dont do something this summer or make a move i might as well write it off and never look back again. it r
1 y
it really made me feel as though she must still have feeling and be thinking of me by doing those weird social media games. Should i contact her when i go up to her town to she if she wants to catch up? or just keep never looking back because she has a boyfriend and she seems to be the one who ceased contact with me?
Haven't talked to my ex girlfriend in 2 year. is it worth reaching out?
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