I think my ex girlfriend cursed me?

This is going to sound absolutely insane. I know. Here we go.
I met my girlfriend 2 years ago right after I broke up with my ex. We hit it off, and although I wasn't ready to be in a serious relationship. As time went on, I wanted to commit to her. We got to know eachother. Every single good and bad thing. She then opened up to me; she told me that she practices voodoo.
I laughed because I dont believe in that sort of thing. And it was even funnier coming from a 22 year old medical student, she is Spanish and she claimed that her aunt taught her. Im Caucasian and I was raised in an atheist household so thought it was a joke and we never spoke about it again.
She always had the best luck, she was rolling in money. Everything just worked out for her despite her bad upbringing and poor family.
I loved this girl but I f*d up and slept with her bestfriend. The truth eventually came out and she was furious at us both. The last thing she said to me was "you'll never be happy again, wait and see".
I went through six months of anxiety and depression. I began trying to get over the heart break and met an amazing girl. Who ghosted me after 3 months. My bestfriend started resenting me out of nowhere. My dad got diagnosed with cancer. All my friends started turning their backs on me. Every girl i met or tried to talk to ended up ending things after 3 weeks or months. On the dot. My luck has been terrible. My memory is foggy, I'm getting nightmares. I can't sleep, eat or exercise. I reckoned that maybe I'm still depressed. But after having a very vivid nightmare of my ex and four women stabbing me and laughing. I called her ex bestfriend (who I haven't spoken to in months). She told me that the same things have been happening to her. She's been waking up with cuts and bruises. Apparently every guy who has slept with her has ended up disliking her.
Now, I know that this sounds absolutely crazy
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But Im being extremely serious. We've both tried reaching out to my ex but she has just been ignoring us both. I haven't slept in three days. Im vomiting afew minutes after eating. Hell. I even saw a priest. He looked at me like i was insane then proceeded to pray for me. Which did nothing. Any help, would be greatly appreciated
I think my ex girlfriend cursed me?
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