Ex GIrlfriend blocked me out of the blue?

Long story short: we've togheter almost an year she broke up with me 5 months ago, i stayed in long contact for like 2,5 months then went completely NC and haven't spoked a word to her and blocked her! well after some time i thought i healed and was ready to move on so i decided to unblock her since i don't hold a grudge anymore on her, funny thing is she blocked me a few days later!

She never blocked me in the past, an i haven't spoken to her in 2 months or more why would she block me after all of this time especially when i did nothing wrong to her? o. O is she mad or something? last times i spoke to her i was clingy and needy and was giving has an major ego boost so she started acting rude and telling me what to say and what not to say to her so i got mad and went FULL NC and blocked her, guess her plan of me still crying and begging to her has failed huh?

i would like to hear your opinions on this one and if any on you ecountered a situation like this before?


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  • Sounds like you're being a needy, whiny little bitch... which is probably why she blocked you - doesn't want to deal with it, and doesn't have to.

    • seems like you are off-topic and you could stop giving useless comments :)

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  • You blocked her so she blocked you. Anyways just move on its not worth the head aches. She broke up with you move on to better things don't let her take up space in your mind.

    • she never blocked me before no matter how bad i wronged and now after all of this time she blocks me? what sorcery is this? is she trying to play head-games? reallly?

    • If you do something always expect the same back right or wrong. It's not about head games or some other motive. she was blocked and when unblocked still wanted to be unconnected. It's over move on its not worth your time.

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  • You blocked her, she got the message. After seeing the unblock she saw you as weak. Someone who can't stick to his decision. A woman who did shit just because he needed time to heal. Take it as a lesson instead of drowning in self-pity and anxiety. Move on to the next girl. You're young, don't get trapped.


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