Why won't he just block me? Or pick up his things?

My ex and I broke up a month and a half ago. Pretty much out of the blue and it was bad. Instead of accepting that he was done and pretty much left me for someone else, I definitely had a breakdown and dug and pried. The last month of our relationship was long distance. Which is when things started getting difficult. He has a lot of belongings at my house that I'd like him to get. He claims that he will come when he has the money ( we're 3 hours apart one way), yet he's out at the bar every night and going out with his new girlfriend. He made the statement to me that he was desperately in love with me 2 days before ending things and then said that he didn't love me anymore. He has been asking me to leave him alone and told me to "cheer up.. you're a strong woman you'll find happiness and be okay. Now please move on. There is no us." Well the immature broken hearted fool in me has reached out to him several times. Usually on Facebook and usually he sees it but ignores it. We're not friends on there. He actually created a new Facebook. Anyway, my point is that why won't he just block me?

I know that I should be the one blocking him and hating him... but I just can't bring myself to do it. I miss him so much. It still feels like yesterday.


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  • For the love of everything, just ignore the asshole.


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  • He's probably not blocking you because lets be real girl: YOU ARE EGO FUEL. He could be having a bad day and no offense, but your pathetic, pitiful attempts to get his attention like a fired employee who showed back up on their boss' doorstep would flatter him and boost his self-esteem. There's no other reason for him to keep you around especially if he's already seeing someone else. I'm sorry but I have to be blunt with you because it seems like you've been codling yourself too much and that's why you haven't progressed. It may feel like yesterday, but the facts are that it's not yesterday: it's today where you have not only demoted, but completely kicked out of his life, and a new female has stood in your place. He's not giving you the same level of respect, care, and courtesy he did "yesterday". Therefore, you need to rip off that Band-Aid IMMEDIATELY, face the sting, walk away with your dignity and cut his a** off. What he's doing can easily be considered as a major smack in the face. He's sh*tting all over you by not taking the initiative to come get his sh*t/moving at his pace and making sure you're aware of his new girlfriend. Why the hell do you want a guy who is so careless with your feelings like that? He can't even treat you with the respect and consideration of a friend. What a loser!

    Stop giving him all of this emotional and mental power over you. You are letting him orchestrate your life right now and the quality of your happiness. You are literately giving him all the tools he needs to impede your healing processes. You will never find peace so long as you give this asshole any fraction of thought, emotion, or opportunity in your life. Point blank period.

    Here's what you do..
    1. Mail his sh*t to his office if you have to. Box it up yourself and make arrangements for him to pick it up from one of his friends. Stop giving into his little game of operating on his own convenience where he gets to stop by your home whenever he'd like and show his face

    • 2. BLOCK BLOCK BLOCCCKKKKKK!! Everywhere. Block him from every single form of communication, interaction, or life-access he could have; Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Youtube, effing Gmail and LinkedIn! EVERRRRRYWHERE. This is more for you than him. He left you. Plain and simple. He disinvited you from his life, his future, his occurences... so act accordingly and completely remove yourself. This is where your healing process begins: once you eliminate any trace of him and the pain, distress, and anxiety he comes with.

      3. GET SEXY! :D This means be adventurous, fill your thoughts with new knowledge and experiences, take care of your body/go to the gym, by a new outfit, go have a spa day, go out dancing and own the dance floor! Do things that add onto your confidence and sense of self-worth. Is being ignored by him one of those things? HELL NO. Start doing activities and things for yourself that make you love every single inch of your physical, mental, and spiritual self

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    • Okay, well if you are that cool with his family then ask one of them to pick things up.
      Tell him "Your things will be out of my apartment by the end of the week whether you come and get them or not. I have no responsibility for your belongings. You need to either make the time to come and get them or make arrangements for someone else to."

    • So clearly he's giving you example after example as to why your journey will be better off without his immature tactlessness and ridiculousness...

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