Blocking ex's on facebook?

Guys, if you split up with your other half, why would you block them after 6 months of barely no contact? you still have a previous ex on your account. The blocked ex has left you alone so its not harassment. Neither you or your blocked ex put anything personal on there either. Just doesn't make sense to block one ex after so long but still have the first ex despite neither been a bad break up.
If you have a new girlfriend - I can understand unfriending / blocking the ex to help protect their feelings - but that shows that you still have feelings for your ex? If you were that much into your new girlfriend then why would you be concerned about your ex - esp with no contact?
Just really confused. I'm still in love with him. I have left him alone, despite been tempted to contact him. I just don't understand after 6 months why he would block me? I'd understand if it was closer to the date we split up or if someone had cheated but there's been none of it. He literally (out of the blue) ended stating there was no connection - after been a couple for a year and been best friends for 2 years before that. To cut me off completely for no real reason is killing me. I wish he'd had the decency to explain why.
I have gone on dates, going out with friends etc but my heart belongs to him. I know I sound sad but I really can't help it. Part of me thinks that he still has feelings but instead of been man enough to get in touch (likely knowing him) he has blocked me so there's no reminders? I know I sound hopeful / pathetic. Part of me wishes I was stronger and I didn't care :(
Blocking ex's on facebook?
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