Husband tried to kill himself after he found out I cheated. help please?

i cheated on my husband only once. and i hated my self for so long. i betrayed him and i betrayed our two children. after i cheated i grew very possesive and jealous of my husband. i kept saying that he was cheating on me and i blamed him for random things. i just felt that because i cheated on him. that he was going to cheat on me. i love my husband with all my heart and soul and will never cheat on him again. he gave me all his love and trust and i threw it all away. a week ago he found out that i cheated because the other guy came to our house and was looking for me. my husband went crazy and beat the other guy to the point blood was all over the place. the the other man left. me and my husband had a fight and i just kept putting the blame on him. he called me a whore. then our kids came out to calm us down. our son is fifteen and our girl is seventeen. my husband just broke down and started crying. i never seen him cry before and it tore me apart knowing i was the one who hurt him. i tried to say that i was sorry but he just went into our room and got his gun. he put it to his head and tried to kill himself. luckily me and our kids were able to get the gun away from him and called the police. now he is on suicide watch. now my kids hate me and my husband just sits there and stares at the wall. he doesn't cry or talk or anything. he shows no emotion. like he is in a coma or something. how do i get him and our kids to love and trust me again? please help.
Husband tried to kill himself after he found out I cheated. help please?
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