My ex still hasn't deleted pictures of two of us from instagram what this means?

she broke up with me after 3 weeks of relashionship , then passed almost 1 month we were back and she broke up with me again ago 1 week (Reasons: She says i remember her past everytime she is with me)

But she didn't still deleted the pictures of our cute chats and moments we were together from the instagram, what this means? She forgot?

PS: She is at instragram almost everyday


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  • I suggest you let her have her photos and stuff like that.. they are memories and nothing more

    • I allow her ha

    • Sorry cellphone was crazy,

      I allow her having the photos, i don't even deny but.. i srsly can't understand if she wants to forget it our relashionship or not.

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  • I wouldn't delete things like that either, you can't erase people from your lives. It doesn't mean that she wants you though, it just isn't a priority - which means your relationship isn't a priority - because it's over.

    • I know

      She said that looking at me keeps remember her past, wich she wants to forget, but i got confused because if she wants it, why not delete? Because she will remember everytime that she looks at it.

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    • Thank You very much!

      I would give you MHO if i didn't choose one already..

    • No worries, I'll accept an honourary MHO :)

  • I still haven't deleted any pictures of me with my ex. It has genuinely never crossed my mind to delete them seeing as they're so far back in my timeline that me or anyone else would ever see them anyway.

    • I'm confused, could you explain better please? Sorry :/

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  • If it were me it would probably mean I was lazy.


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