Is it immature to delete your ex from all your social medias and block him completely on your phone?

My ex boyfriend and I had a pretty gross break-up. It went from me breaking up with him due to constant arguements and fighting, asking for him back to two weeks later him breaking up with saying he is no longer happy. He also sad some really gross things about me which I didn't even defend myself which caused me to go into a deep depression. After the fact, he asked if he could still contact me which I did not say anything about it. Three days later, I discovered he added his stripper ex girlfriend back to his Facebook and I flipped out on him via text. He was very concerned and said that he wasn't getting back with her or anything. I let a couple of days go by to cool off... I apologized to him via text and then he just said 'thank you'.

The thing is I feel like he will contact me soon feeling awful about the break-up but I am not to the point where I realized all the wrong in the relationship. I want to move on from it honestly now that I am over the rejection of him dumping me and saying those awful things. Is it immature for me to block his number on my Iphone meaning that I will no longer know if he tried to contact me? I am not worried about Facebook because I deactivated and it will be that way for sometime.


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  • It's not immature at all. If you don't want to have any contact with him, it's the best thing to do. When he notices, it might upset him, but that isn't your problem anymore, and he shouldn't be able to try and make it your problem.

    If things cool down inside yourself, and you change your mind, you can always reach out to him again if yyou want to.

    For the time being, go ahead and block him if you feel it's what's best for you.

  • It sounds like he was toxic to you anyways so maybe blocking him and moving on is whats best for you. Its hard but in the end you will feel so much better and you will find someone who will treat you amazing.
    I blocked my ex on everything because he was verbally/physically abusive, I've been with m y current boyfriend for two years and i couldn't be any happier than i am now


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