Guys: ever stop trying to get your ex back even if you really love her?

So my ex was sending me sweet messages saying he misses me so much. However, he stopped and now I feel like he just forgot I ever existed. I feel so depressed because even though we're broken up, it feels good to have him still telling me all these sweet things and I still have feelings for him. Why did he stop? I felt like he was trying to get me back he said "I still think of one day getting back together." But now I feel like I'm really not worth it to him since it looks like he has stopped trying.

Guys, if you really really still loved your ex, would you give up trying to get her? Or do you try to show her how much you need her in your life? (given that the girl is not an a** to you and may still has feelings for you)

I really believe that if a guy really wants to be with the girl he loves, then he should try and do whatever it takes to be with her. But some act like they don't give a s**t.


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  • well that's pretty much what I'm trying to do right now, my ex broke up with me out of the blue a month ago after a year and 3months and I'm completely in love with her and as hard as it is feeling rejected I am still trying everything I can to get back together.

    Everyone does mistakes and if its worth saving and living with that person that completes you in everyway I myself would not and will not but we all have are limits and some times you try so hard but you know that if its just a one sided thing there's nothing more you can do but to walk away.


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  • I think most guys would stop. Why would we try over and over when we don't get anywhere? As far as I'm concerned you try until there is a definite NO, not ever. Then you give up.

    The point is we shouldnt have to keep trying, if you want to be with us then you will be. If you don't then you won't be in which case we give up...!

  • I mean, you still love your exes, but eventually you get over them. That's the healing power of time. Your life isn't a cute TV show. People break up and then they move on with their lives. You aren't destined to get back with your ex-boyfriend EVERY TIME.

    He's stopping trying because he moved on. You should too. That, or decide you want him back and tell him so. If he says yes, YAY. If he says no, then just continue to live your life.

    He probably missed the relationship, not necessarily you. I've had that before with exes right after you break up. Get over him and find a new dude. Good luck!

  • If you liked sum1 and wanted them but the other person showed no interest why should the guy keep trying?

  • Duh. What have you done or said to make him want to be with you? He has to give up or he'll continue feeling hurt and feeling bad about himself because of you. I really hate the one-sided bullsh*t that some people, females in particular, come to expect. Why don't you stop hinting and be honest with him? Women worry about those damn magazines and "50 ways to know he's interested", and such sh*t. Obviously, you know he's interested. Either return interest or tell him you're not and leave him the hell alone. That's all a guy wants. You know he's interested, so what the hell is wrong with trying to start something again yourself?

    The single most annoying thing to me about women is the fact that they say they want an equal relationship and equal partnership. No. They want to have the power to issue rejection, not make themselves vulnerable to rejection. You might as well be rejected 100% of the time if you don't try.

    So, take a chance and if it doesn't work, so what? You tried. I don't know any guy that would hate you for trying.


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