Should I show up unannounced to my boyfriend's house who has ignored me for a week to get my things?

He has ignored me for a week now. I've called and texted, but get nothing. The last we spoke it wasn't even so bad. I was annoyed and texted him I don't expect him to come over to my house late Sunday night even though I wanted him too because I haven't seen him all month. I think he could tell I was mad. Then he just responded rudely "you're right then, well goodnight".
The texts I sent since we're just stating "hope you're ok, how's your day, I just want to talk", nothing confrontational. I assume we are done now and while I still care for him, I know it's for the better because I can't be with someone who treats me like this.
Anyway I let him borrow some things of sentimental value and want them back. Since he won't answer or respond, I was thinking up showing up unannounced. I'm fine and accept the breakup just want my stuff back


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  • Why were you annoyed when you told him you didn't expect hom to come over on sunday? Yes, this matters

    • Because I had texted him Saturday evening and Sunday morning to hang out. That way he has lots of time to respond. But finally he texted back late Sunday night. I have work then next morning so I said "it's too late to hang out now". All he responded was "I guess so..." Then after that's when I sent the other text about not expecting him to come over.

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    • Well I don't agree with that. I think the mother will alWays side with the son when it comes to girls no matter if he was wrong or not. He lives with his siblings who are around his age. They liked me and always greeted me at the door, but I don't know

    • eeeh, i would kinda expect her to make sure he fucking behaves. It's what parents do when their son is dating XD

      But up to you how you'd solve it

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