My girlfriend thinks I'm cheating on her but I'm not. What do I do?

she broke up with me and now she wants to get back together. I have never cheated on her and basically turned me into a wreck when she broke up with me. all this happened in one day by the way.

should I forgive for being rash or just have her except the consequences and live with making a foolish decision and throwing away something great?


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  • ok.. well odviously if she broke up with you over something stupid, like you cheatin on her and your not.. then you didn't have any thing great. a relationship is based around TRUST, and if she doesn't trust you then that's not a relationship. I'm sorry to say. but if it was me and if I was a guy I would leave her. why would you want to be with some one that doesn't trust you, or that doesn't want to belive what you say.? and she wants you back, so that means that she is realizing what she did wrong... or mabye she broke up with you so she would have time to ask around about you and find out what was really going on.. to see if you reall were cheating on her. I think that you should juss leave her.. if she did it once, then she is going to do it again. I have seen this a hundred and million times before.. and in the end you are going to end up really hurt.. so id leave it now and juss let it be.. find some one that will trust you. and that's cool that you never cheated.. I'm like that too..!


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