Charisma is said to be a great quality to have. What defines charisma for you? Do you know anyone who is exemplifies charisma well? How so?


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  • Charisma is extremely important!

    It may be recognized in a talent of a person, in a certain way someone does something, in someone's personality, or simply in someone's looks (but this latter one is almost always a passing feeling of 'charisma' or 'charm' which never lasts for long - so it is therefore the least significant one).

    Charisma really can't be described exactly, it is a trait that everyone in a particular person finds attractive and appealing. It is something that draws you in and you're not even sure why is that, and it can happen even if you don't know that person at all, that's when you know that their charisma is the strongest (not talking about physical features at all here), and this last situations often happen when you're in a group of friends and someone you know brings along a friend which stays in your crowd all night but you never really get to know them and yet you feel that there's something special about that person, and you also notice that everyone else notices the exact same thing too!


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  • Well I think its like Magic or Magnetic personality, that makes you want to know about this person, usually they re easy to talk to, friendly, funny, unpredictable, energetic, creative and very intresting.

    Like you would have the feeling that those people with this quality have so much to talk about and no matter how much time you spend with them they will always have something to say or to talk about, but they re oftenly misunderstood. That's how I see it


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  • Charisma dictates how persuasive your character is and how much influence he/she has. If I remember correctly it also affects the amount medpacks will heal you. Star Wars KotOR is an awesome game. Revan exemplified charisma really well. With KSE you can pass max charisma (or any other stat).


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