My ex is two-faced, what do I do?

My ex boyfriend and I have been broken up now for 10 months. From the beginning of the break-up he was constantly bad mouthing me and I understand that it may have been his way to justify why we broke up in the first place and I guess to make himself feel better. However it did eventually stop and he apologised to me about all the horrible things that he said and things were going great.

We have mutual friends so we occasionally hang out when our friends organise something and we get along fine. We have a lot of similarities so its fairly easy for the two of us to make convocation. It actually was going so good that we made the mistake of sleeping together after a night out- we were both tipsy but were sober enough to know what we were doing and because of this we spent a week together just going on dates and it felt really good at the time and it made us contemplate getting back together. We decided though that not enough had changed for the relationship to work so we decided to go back to being friends again. This was about 3 weeks ago now.

Over the weekend we had a mutual friends party that was at a bar, he was friendly to my face and it seemed to be all good until he turned into a bit of a cock-head to say the least. Our friend got kicked out of the bar and this friend and I are currently fighting as she is untrustworthy and constantly throws me under the buss to cover her own ass. I didn't want to go out there and look after her and my ex kept on insisting that I do and when I made it clear to him that I wasn't going out there he lost his temper and told me that im not a good friend and that he will go and do it because he is a good friend. This REALLY cut me deep as he knows that I am such a good friend to all of my friends him included especially on one occasion when we were broken up- but i don't want to get into that. Im also a very good friend to this girl considering how hard she is to be friends with her due to her narcissistic characteristics.

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After he said this to me he went off to one of my best friends and her boyfriend and told them that im a terrible friend and a terrible person and this is why we broke up. I would like to add that he has changed the reason we broke up multiple times to many different people- it doesn't make sense and no this isn't the reason we broke up but it still hit me close to home.
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Overall what do you think I should do? should I confront him about the things he has said to me or should I just leave it. I don't think I deserve to be spoken to like this and it has really hurt me that he would say something like this about be. I also don't understand why he would say it in the first place when he knows it isn't true. He was just being selfish as he didn't want to look after her and was trying to guilt rip me so he didn't have to do the dirty work.
My ex is two-faced, what do I do?
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