Why does he stare and look angry everytime he sees me?

Well it has been a year since i broke up with my boyfriend but the main problem is that i still have feelings for him even though i broke up with him. I always went to my favorite coffee shop and one day i saw him working there but everytime i go there he always looks at me angrily and when a sad song always came up to the radio or even a love song he looks at me. He didn't care for me then so why does he still look at me? Please help me


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  • Why did you break up with him if you had feelings for him?
    You hurt his feelings by breaking up with him. Of course he's not going to like you.

    • Well i know that but the problem is we dated for like 3-4 months and trust me he only used me we went out 3 times and he would mentally abuse me thats why i broke up with him and i knew that it would be better to suffer for a while than to suffer my whole life i just wanted to know why he stares at me like that😌

    • Then you should really not bother about him giving you angry startes at all.
      I'm glad you made the right choice!

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  • He must be resentful.


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