My boyfriend dumped me because I was too negative, how can I stop being this way?

Before the breakup we were okay until he started talking to a new female friend of his at work and began distancing himself from me. The texts and calls became shorter with me, but I'd see him on Facebook liking and commenting on her statuses and pictures. So it raised a red flag that made me decide to ask him. He told me she was just a friend. I tried not to let my own insecurities eat away at me, but it was hard. I admit I let the anger and hurt build up until I started saying things like "you won't talk to me, but you'll talk to her", but I didn't constantly harass him with angry messages. Most days I held my tongue but it was hurting me inside.

He eventually called me and said he was done with the relationship. He did want to remain friends, but said I was too negative to be his girlfriend and didn't see a future with me. Once he hung up the phone, I felt the pain of my first heartbreak. I spent days crying, feeling sad, didn't each much, it was like a cliche movie scene but without ice cream. I sent him texts saying sorry, telling him how I felt, etc. Which caused him to ignore me. He only responded to say he was disappointed, then back to ignoring. After a while, my sadness turned to anger. I stopped sending messages, and ignored him back. I began to do my own thing while trying to forget him, and a status I recently posted on Facebook caused him to text me to say he's done with me forever. The status was one of those questionnaire things like: favorite color, movie, etc. The answer that pissed him off was this: (Ex you would take back?: Given the fact that he ignores my existence, probably not. Then again, I wouldn't want a repeat of that.) After a few angry texts back and forth between us, he then removed me from Facebook and said he deleted my number from his phone.

How can I become positive and happy again after this breakup? I don't want to continue being negative and insecure anymore, and I don't want the baggage of my past to enter a new relationship.
My boyfriend dumped me because I was too negative, how can I stop being this way?
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