What do guys think when you ignore them?

reason im asking is because i have this ex who keeps reaching out to me but i never respond. he didn't treat me well when we dated and he dumped me and it hurt my feelings a lot but i moved on now and im happy. he has been calling and texting through out but i just never respond. am i wrong for not hearing him out? i just feel like he should have appreciated me when he had me and he can't possibly have anything to say thats worth hearing.


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  • Keep ignoring him is my opinion. You're no longer interested, and giving him an audience will only teach him that he can get your attention. Hopefully if you ignore him long enough, he'll give up because he sees that it's not getting him anywhere.

    What about blocking his number?

    • for some reason my phone doesn't do that. all it does is make the notifications from a certain person silent but you will still get the message

    • i have been ignoring him for a few months though. how long does this usually take?

    • Wow, a few months?
      Maybe it's time to pick up the phone or reply to a text and just say very clearly "Please don't contact me again, I'm not interested".
      If it continues, maybe contact the police department and see about a restraining order?

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  • I would stick with what you're doing and ignore. He's probably testing the waters to see if you'll reply, deep down it probably doesn't affect him much to the ignored


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  • He might have worked on his issues and realized how good you are. If so, might be worth giving him a second chance, many times men will figure it out, but the girl's heart is hard.

    If you don't want to give him a chance, then tell him that he hurt you, and that you don't want to talk anymore, and that you wish him the best. If he keeps texting, then block.

    Silence is hard and painful. I know I've dealt with it.


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  • If he "just can't have anything to say worth hearing" why are you second guessing your ignoring him?


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