Need an excuse to talk to my ex!!!

My ex and I broke up three months ago. We broke up because I left...

We kept on talking to me until one month ago when he stopped giving me news. I assumed he got tired of always having to ask.

The thing is, I'm moving back to the place he lives in September and I want to get back with him.

I think he's probably gotten over me, but if he had the choice he would choose to get back with me anyways because he likes me.

I need an excuse to talk to him, to recontact him without looking like the clingy ex?

Please help.


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What Guys Said 1

  • Hear are the facts

    you broke up with him

    he always has to ask you.

    he probably feels like he is bugging you maybe he feels like the clingy one. Maybe all you have to do is ask him how he is doing and stuff. It would be a reassurance your still interested. As much as we hope the other half is physic it's usually not the case.


What Girls Said 1

  • Just text and tell him your moving back so watch out, lol. Joke around with him a bit. Clear the air from all the serious talk. I know I hate serious talks with an ex unless some humour can be added to it to kinda "break the ice". You might not get a reaction that first attempt you contact him so don't get your hopes up. This stuff takes time and patience.

    Make it a friendly thing and go off that. Your right he might have moved on, but if he has, you might be stepping on toes in his new relationship so be careful there. Nothing worse than making him spend more time on his current interest and making her feel more secure about you, because your trying to get him interested in you. So he has to convince her that he doesn't see you like that.Trust me on this. I have been the new girlfriend and the old one keeps calling him. Funny thing is the more I acted like I didn't care about him and if he still talk to her the more time he spent with me to ressure me that I don't ever have to think those negative thoughts about his ex later on in our relationship and he just kept avoiding her to show me how much he appreciated me and how I respected his past...

    So proceed with caution on that. You want him to respect you even if you two aren't together, you don't want him to resent you for leaving and then thinking you can come back whenever you please, he is not a man on a string so be careful not to push him of answer.


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