I'm so jealous that my twin brother has a girlfriend and I don't.?

Alright. I'm being really honest. ever since my twin brother starting dating this girl we both know and she comes over to my house almost everyday and weekend. every time she's comes over and I'm downstairs in my basement with them. they kiss like every second and I just get really p*ssed off and I'm really jealous and I just want to tell them to ...like f*** go and get a room I can't stand this kissing every seconds...but I would feel really bad if I did say something like that.

what do I do. I'm always getting so p*ssed off and I'm always jealous when she comes over because lance (my twin brother) is always happy when he's with her. I'm always miserable and I just don't know what to do or say to him or her about this. Anyone need advise or help on what I should do.


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  • I understand your feelings. My sister had a boyfriend before me and I would hang out with them at the 3rd wheel. I was jealous and wanted a boyfriend for myself. I wanted to be happy too. But don't let those feelings of jealousy because you want the same thing he wants to consume you. Your turn will come too one day and you will feel happy and will be kissing someone all the time too.

  • Don't hang around with them when they are together. Chances are they don't want you there and it could be seen as creepy! The reason you probably don't have a girlfriend, could be because you sit and watch them make out! Girls talk, so she's probably told her friends about this. Just don't worry about them, let them have their alone time and go find something else to do. I bet if you weren't so concerned about them, you could get a girlfriend. Try getting out of the house with some friends or something. Go places where you actually have a chance to meet girls, instead of pining over some girl your brother's dating.

    • You know what I think I'm going to do that this friday. you make a lot of sence. thank you so much.

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