Should I message my ex and tell her how much she hurt me?


I had an on again off again relationship with this girl over the years and she hurt me badly in the end.
She made it clear to me with her actios that she moved on, especially considering that she's already married. I had no choice but to move on as well and distance myself from her as much as possible. It got to a point where I removed her from facebook, Skype and stopped following her on twitter.

Oddly, she messaged me back one day and still wants to keep in contact with me for whatever reason, as a friend of course. Her recent actions threw me off though. we did eventually chat again and she apologized over her actions. I'm the type of person who forgives but doesn't forget. believeing that "it's all in the past" is easier said than done to me. I'm mixed about this. On the one hand I cherished the moments we had together, on the other hand I'm kind of bitter about the past yet at times miss her company. Regardless I've accepted that she moved on and so have I.

I understand she still wants to keep in touch, but seeing her online showing off her photos on facebook and bragging about how great her life is now just makes me feel uncomfortable and because of this I've been distancing myself from the site.

Over the last few months I wondered if I should tell her how much she hurt me. tell her things from my POV of what happened, acknowledge my mistakes as well, and maybe find some kind of closure from all this so i can finally move on with my life. I only wanted to talk things over with her as friends so she could understand what I went through. She may have shrugged off the breakup as if it was nothing but her actions back then broke my heart and I really needed some time to heal.

Is it even worth talking to her about finding closure or should I just let it go?

Should I message my ex and tell her how much she hurt me?
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