How To Tell Him Off!! :(

okay so this guy and I long story short- hooked up in high school had a secret relationship (cause his parents are strict religious people) and then when graduation came I never thought I would see him again.

this year in late January he contacts me back and when I return from university we reunite and end up sleeping together again, we have done this several times now, and it seems that every time we hang out something has to get physical. but now I found out he gave this other girl a promise ring, he's two timing! :(

i want to tell him that I hate being used by him and I want to tell him off SO bad. where should I start what should I say and how should I do it? what's the best way? thank you! :(


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  • First off guys like that will get an ego boost from you telling them off and acting all crazy. He'll hear what your saying but won't really hear what your saying. Someone who feels bad about what they're doing stops doing it unless its out of necessity. They're is no need here just pure selfishness.

    My advice: write down everything you want to say and come from a intellectual, calm, confident place. Its ok to be hurt but don't show its affected you to the point where your losing sleep. I say this cause if you do blow up on him he's just gonna consider you a psycho needy bitch (which I'm sure your not!) therefore justifying his reason for being a cheater.

    When you do confront him get your point across firmly and as if your above him and do not let him manipulate you or take control of the conversation. You control the pace and the length. Once you've said what you needed to say end the conversation and NEVER speak to him again. You can even tell him you'll never waste another breath speaking to his sorry ass but YOU HAVE TO MEAN IT AND STICK TO IT! But do say it calmly... A composed and silent woman is much scarier than a flailing emotional psycho chick. Understand the difference.

    Lastly the choice of you telling the other girl is up to you but that can go many ways. A) she might already know of you. B) She might become violent with you for messing with "her man". C) the more favorable outcome she might thank you and drop his sorry ass as well. Either way that's up to you.

    IF you do that one day he'll see how much of a classy girl he had in you and although it will be to late he'll know he messed up.


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  • just express your feelings next time you see him, say whatever is on your mind, you can't control how he will react and if your plan is to make him feel bad then your wasting your time, but if you just want to get some things off your chest then go for it

  • Dont say anything about your being upset. Simply let him know in an indirect way that you slept with another guy and the sex was better than anything else you ever experienced. You can't get that guy out of your mind.

    This should set him right.

  • ouch that jerk! hmm I know what you mean by being used, it sucks. After being in it my self and reading your problem this is what I came up with.

    Tell him and just him what a (bleep bleep bleep he is) and never speak with him again don't do anything to crazy. because you will ruin his future with that other girl


    Tell him of in any way you want (no physical damage et. punch to face or worse his D..K)

    and tell his girl behind his back give her forwarning fo what kind of guy he is. He hurt you and the other girl. I'm sure she wouldn't want a guy like that.

    I don't know which way you want? Do you want revenge? Or do you want some healing in your hurt relationship? I wouldn't go with revenge, but rather closure, that's the only way to move on, well that's what is helping me.


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