We haven't talked since we broke up, does he even care?

we dated for 3 months. Then last week we just got into this stupid fight over me getting angry at nothing, and his patience had run out. He came over later that night after work to talk things out. We talked for about an hour and he finally said after I asked, that he thought we'd be better off as friends. He said we can still hang out and talk and stuff, and I was very hesitant about that. I told him that would be kind of hard for me, but it's not because I hate him, just because I'm hurt. He just kept saying "I don't want you to hate me". I was crying. We hugged before he left my house. So it wasn't like, a nasty break up. But we haven't talked since and it's been a week. It just hurts my feelings that just like that, we're never going to speak again after meaning so much to each other? I thought maybe he'd be like "how are you doing" or something like that. We have a class together but haven't seen each other in it yet because we both missed it. It just makes me feel like he's unaffected and never cared. I sort of want to text him but then I don't. What do you make of this?


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  • One word advice : Don't text. If he cares, he will reach out willingly to you but I request kindly refrain from texting because that will totally skew up your relationship dynamics.

    • Can I ask what you mean by that?

    • You see. You have to accept the harsh reality which is no matter whose mistake is , man has to apologise. Not only it reflects chivalry but it shows the person values the relationship above his ego. Hence , I adviced against it. Because if you do, in his head he might be like 'yea! I was right all along'

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  • noone talks straight after a break up xD give it time


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