My boyfriend had an emotional breakdown and broke up with me overnight, help?

I had been dating my boyfriend for a couple of months and we were really happy together. He showed genuine signs of commitment, introducing me to all of his friends, making plans with me, making his mum change her plans so he could see me for my birthday etc. Everything was going well and we were really happy with no arguments.

Before we started our relationship, we were both aware he was leaving for a year abroad in eight months. I said I was okay with just seeing how our relationship went, even if we probably have to break up then. He said initially he didn't know whether he could do it knowing it has to end, took some time off to think, but then came back and said he liked me too much to be rational.

So for two months we were happy. He gets an email reminding him that he is leaving, and suddenly instantly goes quiet. I called him that evening to see if he was okay, and he just kept saying how he feels awful that he is leaving (in seven months, mind you) and it looms over him every time we are so happy together. He was crying/very emotional so I suggested to meet up the next day to talk about it. We did, and he broke up with me because he said he just feels too shit even though I tried to be rational with him that it was seven months away and it was too soon to have this conversation. He literally went from one day commitment, planning for my birthday, to this.

I am obviously very upset. I told him I don't stick around after break ups. It's been a few days and I haven't spoken to him. I made the mistake of sending him a snap of me with a guy friend and he deleted me off snapchat after that. But the next day, at 3am when he was supposed to be out drinking with friends, he started liking my photos with my friends randomly.

I really don't know what happened. I didn't think we had to break up. What was he thinking, if we were so happy together and him leaving was so far away?
My boyfriend had an emotional breakdown and broke up with me overnight, help?
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