Why did my ex delete his FB?

After NC, I sent him a touching message on FB apologizing for my actions. Then, he deactivated his account completely. Why didn't he block me?

I have never stalked him or tried to get in contact with him through his number/Skype because I thought it'd make him feel uncomfortable. If he told me he never wanted to speak to me ever again or block me, I will respect his wishes and never contact him again.

I dumped him by the way.


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  • He's just upset.. don't worry he just needs to think and time heals all.

    • If he hates me, he would have blocked me, right? Or told me to stop and blocked me?

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    • So if you deactivated your FB, it's because you feel really emotional, need time to think, unsure of what to do? And not because you never want to speak to her again?

    • Yes, definitely. If I were mad, deleting my FB would just an ouch on my pride, if anything. So he probably was missing you then saw that message

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  • 1. You dumped him and then you apologized. You can't take back the things that you said when you dumped him and he feels hurt.

    2. Deleting his FB account was a dramatic thing to do and it got your attention, didn't it? That's the point. He sent a message that says you hurt him so much that he is resorting to drastic action to make sure he doesn't hear from you again.

    • I have apologized and explained all my actions. I have no idea why he didn't block me. Or told me to stop messaging and block me completely. A block will get the message across. But he didn't delete our life event or photos. It's so strange and confusing. If I was in his position, and I hated my ex's guts, I would tell them to fuck off and block them.

    • Well, you are not him. The fact that you would feel a certain way in that position does not mean that he should feel that same way.

      He is responding emotionally, not rationally. You cannot understand emotional behavior in the same way that you understand rational behavior.

      Regardless, it is over. Why do you care now about how he is feeling?

    • I was hoping I'd have a chance with him or being his friend again. I wanted to apologize to him for my actions. I have also told him if he never wanted to speak to me again, I would respect his wish. I have never bothered him after we broke up, stalked him, contacted his family/friends, texted/called him or try to get in contact with him through Skype. So he would know I'm not the spamming, annoying ex girlfriend.

  • Well if he was only using it to contact you and not much else. (Facebook has become trash) Then once that went away there's not much incentive to keep what you won't use.

    • No, he had friends and family on there. We haven't talked for months after I broke up with him. I tried to get in touch with him before, but he never blocked me on FB (I only messaged him twice before stopping completely). He never deleted our life event or photos.

  • Because facebook is shit anyway.

    • That doesn't really answer my question?

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  • maybe he just doesn't want you to message him again or something

    • I am pretty sure a "block" would have sufficed? He doesn't have to delete his FB completely because he has family and friends on there.

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    • I hope that is true. Because in the past, whenever he was upset or needed time to process something, he'd deactivate his FB. Last time I've messaged him, I also deactivated my FB in fears that he would block me. I know for me, I'd block all my exes or tell them to never speak to me again if I don't want to hear from them. My exes don't dictate my life or how I use FB. They can't affect my decision to cut contact with all my FB friends/family.

    • there you have your answer

  • Maybe he just wanted a break from social media for a while. It's understandable, lots of people do it.

    • Initally, a month after breakup, I contacted him. He ignored me, did not delete the life event and our photos. But he did not block me. After a few more months (which is now), I have sent him a touching message, explaining my actions and pleading for him to come back to me. I said if he never wants to talk to me again, just tell me and block me. He never blocked me and deactivated. He has family and friends on his account. I find it very strange that he deactivated after receiving my message.

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