After breakup, is it ok to deactivate all social media in order for your ex to reach out to you?

My ex boyfriend dumped me 2 months ago. I kept going on and off social media. For a limited time it worked but then Lately I found out he lied about the excuse he gave me to break it off. We have been in nc for 2 months. Recently, he has been playing too many mind games with me online, he has not changed Netflix password, keeps posting on Snapchat so I can see and when I don't he deletes the Snapchat, he blocks and unblocks me on fb so I can see his fb public updates. I just deactivated all my social media again. I am no where to be found. Do you think he will get curious and reach out to me? Or do I consider its done and move on?


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  • You say that you broke up but you are asking whether you should move on. Does that mean that the "break up" 2 months ago was not really a break up but just a maneuver in the game you are playing with him?

    • I am not playing any game with him. He met me in person and dumped me. I took him at the face value. Then I took him off social media and started living my life. Of course I am guilty of stalking he was playing mind games kept blocking unblocking me, adding me through fake profiles. So I am wondering do u think if I deactivate all my social media accounts will that get him
      To stop
      Playing these mind games and actually reach out directly to me. I cannot message him because when he dumped me
      He told me to respect his decision which I still am. It's been 2 months of NC.

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    • So do I reach out to him and find out if he wants me or not? Maybe that will clear my misconception about him that he wants me or not?

    • No, you should assume that it is over. Whether he wants you or not, it would not work, so you should be putting this past relationship into perspective, reviewing the lessons that you can learn from the experience, and then moving forward. . . all without him involved in your life in any way.

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  • What do you want? Do you want to reconcile with him? If yes, just reach out, don't wait for it to happen (plus it seems he's playing games). If not, just unfriend him on all social media accounts and start moving on.

    • We already unfriended each other 2 months back. Yes I love him and I do wanna reach out. Every time I have tried to reach out something happens and it stops me from doing so.. I don't wanna lose him by reaching out..

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    • Why are they not helping? Do they support him? Do they not want to get involved (which is fair)?
      If it is too hard, wait until you're ready, healing will come with time and is unfortunately something that can't be rushed.

    • Yeah they don't wanna get involved I guess.. I have not begged my ex but everyday I'm dying and going crazy with pain. So I guess he don't even know how much I am hurting.

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  • I wouldn't deactivate ALL of my social media. I'd just block him so we could no longer have contact with each other. I always burn my bridges with people who I don't want in my life anymore

    Considering he's unblocked you , he probably will be curious , because he's obviously unblocked you in the hope to speak to you again

    • I do want him back.. what do I do for him to reach out to me?

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