Let her go or win her back?

i was in a 4 year relationship with this great girl. We were in love almost from the start. It was both our first real relationship. We broke it off cleanly about a month and a half ago and she couldn't say it to my face. It was too hard for her to do that. I have been trying to fight to win her back but no luck. She told me she will always love me but she does have feelings for another guy. She says she doesn't know what will happen in the future with us and all that and anything could happen.

She doesn't want me talking to her because it makes her miss me and makes her upset. I knew from the start she and I probably weren't going to be each others last relationship because we were so young. Do you guys think that she and I just need to date other people and things like that to have that experience in life? it will tell us if our feelings were "real" or "special" because right now we both don't know if that is the case. again its the first time we ever experienced anything like this.

I don't need to hear things like leave the bitch alone or anything or she will have sex with another guy. Because she probably will and I will have sex with other people too if it feels right. I guess I wanna know if this is a normal thing that happens to young couples that experienced love for the first time? She doesn't want a "relationship" with anyone for awhile and doesn't want marriage until she is like 26...she is almost 22 now. So there is time for us to explore and see other people and find our way back right? I never felt so strong about a person in my life, I feel like we were meant for one another. Things are really hard because she isn't here now and I do miss my best friend...please help me
Let her go or win her back?
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