I broke No Contact to send a "clean slate text," and all I got was "yeah"?

Just a quick run down, my ex is a petty dude. We got into a huge argument, and that's when I began my 30 days of no contact. NOT to make him jealous, or miss me, but for me to heal and it's really helped because I think much clearer. I'm focused on my goals, and I do have a lot of anger and hurt towards him, but that's normal.

Anyways, I felt bad for the way things ended, so I sent him a "clean slate text," basically saying that I hope he was doing well, apologized for the outbursts, learned a lot from our relationship and that I'm happily moving on. (I didn't say happily, but I am happily moving on lol) I just wanted to clear the air, and it was a very positive message, said that hopefully we can be friends down the road! Nothing indicating wanting him back or loving him.

So it's been about two weeks since I last spoke to him, and a week ago he texted me a couple times saying "I hope you're ok" and "You have some mail at my house (all junk mail)" and I never replied because I was so angry. This morning I send this "clean slate text," and all I get is "Yeah"

This is his personality, so I'm not completely surprised, but I feel like I would've gotten a "Thanks" or "Hope you're doing well too" I feel like "yeah" just sounds angry or bothered. I also think that he expects me to be like "Just yeah?" or some dumb shit, but these are all mind games he plays and I can't do it anymore, so I'm just starting my NC over, and moving on.

What do you guys think?


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  • You kinda sound like a drama queen honestly. I obviously can't give you a definitive answer since I don't know enough about your situation but maybe he's just moved on and feels like it would be better if you just completely moved on and cut contact.

    • I don't know how I sound like a drama queen through a forum, but okay. And him being the guy he is wouldn't have responded at all, let alone so fast if he moved on. And if he wanted to cut contact, why was he texting me? Doesn't make much sense, but this is all coming from a drama queen. lol

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    • I think that you started drama by calling me a drama queen, lol. And I'm allowed to ask whatever I want here, so again, not understanding your point of even commenting.

    • I said you sounded like a drama queen and you took that as an incentive to start drama. You're dumb.

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  • He's prob hurt too yeah is all he could come up with! U can't expect more from someone who doesn't have or isn't capable of more... u said he was petty and u got petty behavior! I agree with cat lady it's more productive to work through ur feeling alone and not analyze his lack of appropriate response! It will keep u from healing! Yeah makes girls want to keep responding to see if they can get more info! #mindgames! Just keep it moving and leave him behind

    • Thank you for actually answering my question! I still have feelings for him, and I was just curious to know if ignoring him in the beginning made him salty. Definitely have to keep it moving, I just wanted to burry the hatchet!

    • In My Opinion... men are more emotional then women, however we just express ours more then they do! At some point tho he's apparently petty and incapable of telling u how he really feels and that will prob never change! Take care of u! If he cared at all he's feeling it and u can walk away knowing that!

  • My first thought: why do you care?
    Your "happily" moving on so why even worry about why he said anything. You have said your peace, now be done with it.

    • It hasn't been long, so it's reasonable for me to care and still have feelings for him. Hence the reason I asked the question.

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    • I gave you advice on your situation. Which apparently wasn't what you wanted to hear.
      Best of luck to you

    • It's not that I didn't want to hear it, it's simply that you asked why I care, not even answering my main question lol.

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