Reasons an ex (dumper) won't leave you alone, acts slightly possessive and tries to get your attention and manipulate your emotions?

  • They want you back
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  • They are trying to get even / hurt you
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  • They like attention and they know they can get it from you
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  • They don't want you to move on but it's okay if they do
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  • They are trying to keep you around in case they want you back one day
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  • They enjoy messing with your feelings
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  • They still love you but aren't sure what they want
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What Guys Said 1

  • Need more info like why is he an ex how was he when ya all were together... it matters for an informed answer

    • I don't know why he is an ex. He left me. I never saw it coming and he never gave me an honest answer. He took the break up worse than me and gave me a hell for it even when it was his choise to begin with. He hated the fact I wasn't crying after him and begging him come back. I just tried to be an adult and respect his choise. Sure I cried like crazy but if someone doesn't want to be with me I'm not going to make them do so by begging them, I respect myself more than that.

      When we were a thing he was very infatuated with me and wanted to take care of me. Never pushed for anything but acted a bit clingy. After the break up he's been showing some signs of jealousy and possessiveness and he's tried to manipulate and control me. Nothing significant but like he always tries to find out whom I'm hanging out with, get between any possible suitors and guilt trip me for making him feel bad. He's also trying to hang out with my friends and see me + make me give him attention any way possible.

    • Thank you for taking the time to make things clear. Sounds like youve been through hell. maybe he has a bit of a confidence problem. His clingyness proves that! I wonder than why you allow him to intrude on your life. From the outside his manipulations and attempts to control are very clear to me. he is confused and doesn't know what he wants. i wish you the best hon much luck to you

What Girls Said 1

  • You're fourth guess is absolutely right. He just wants to control you.


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