Ex made a fake Instagram account and followed me?

My ex and I weren't publicly together, and were technically just buddies. I always wanted more than us just hooking up, and he told me we'd see where things went. We were working together and the managers found out about us (we'd been friends before we started working together since he's a photographer and took my senior pictures - he's older than I am). He was promoted to a manager, and was told to end things with me. After people began talking, he found another girl with the same name as me and immediately got into a relationship with her, which only lasted four months (while we were a thing for 6 months). People. created a lot of problems for us, and we no longer speak, but drama is still being brought up, even though I no longer work there. We have each other blocked on everything, and since I blocked him back on Instagram - which deleted everything, a random account followed me the other day. The person has a first name, the last two digits of his birthday and the last two digits of this year. I'm the only unverified account they're following, and have two pictures posted that we posted the same day of landscapes (both of us are very into nature). So he kinda gave himself away. I have my twitter linked to my account, and both are public. I'm very confused as to why he would want to do this. He acted as though I meant nothing to him and completely broke me down. I'm still recovering from this whole situation, and I miss him terribly, considering we were very good friends. I know that a lot of people know he gets around quite a lot, even though he thinks he's secretive about it, so I don't know why he would care to go this far and make a fake account to see all I'm doing. It just seems weird to me.
Ex made a fake Instagram account and followed me?
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