Does it mean anything when an ex watches your snapchat story?

My ex and I are still friends on snapchat. Things ended badly a few months ago (we got in a fight, stopped speaking, a few weeks later I put my heart on the line and texted him that I was sorry and missed him but got left on delivered [even though he has read receipts on]). I deleted his number but haven't had the heart to unfriend him on snapchat. I never watch his stories, but he is always one of the first to watch mine. I just don't get how he could watch my stories knowing he broke my heart by ignoring my text. Does this mean anything? Or am I overthinking as usual?

(Also... ONE time I did give in and watch his story. There were several pictures, but the last one was a girl who took a selfie from his phone. I watched because I was curious about the girl. The next morning the picture of the girl was deleted. I know this is probably me reading way too much into things but is it possible that he posted the pic of the girl to see if I would watch and get jealous? Or if he took it down because he didn't want me to think he was seeing someone new? I know this is definitely a stretch, I am holding on to false hope)

Hahaha I know I sound crazy and should just delete him off of snapchat and move one with my life so please do not judge me :))))
Does it mean anything when an ex watches your snapchat story?
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