Ex slept with someone else now wants me back?

My ex and I split up a month ago and he's come back to say that he wants us to try again and that he needs to be honest before we say any more. He then told me that he had one night stands with other people in that time.

Part of me thinks, ok so he was single but the other part of me thinks so whilst i was at home feeling so much heartbreak you were out getting it on with someone else. Fuck you.

I'm trying to decide between don't ever speak to me again and ok you can take me on a date.

I feel like an idiot.

What would you do and what's your opinion?
  • f you. Don't ever speak to me again
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  • Try and give it another go
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  • An ex is an ex for a reason, don't know why you're going there in the first place.
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  • f him, don't speak to him again. Once a cheater always a cheater plus if you go back to him he knows he has got the upper hand and can get away with it again.

    why go back to someone who cheats on you when there is a guy out there who would wake up every day and think 'holy fuck I'm lucky I can't believe she's my girlfriend ' , find that guy not your ex.

    • Thank you for posting your opinion. I just want to clarify that he didn't cheat on me. We split up.

      But I completely agree with your last sentence. Thank you x

    • oh right my bad 🙈 just find the guy that thinks you are amazing and that you think is amazing. The fact you are asking a question about this online is a massive redflag of doubt - don't worry I had a similar situation before , took a long time to realise there's better out there :)

    • Thank you Alex. Very true x

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  • Technically we need more info.
    Who broke up with who and why?

    He didn't cheat on you but it was really shitty sounding.
    You were home upset missing him and he went out and played the field, got what he wanted, and is now coming back begging you.

    To be fair. He was honest with you.

    It's up to you.
    Will him doing this put a wedge between you two? Or Does this actually bother you that much?

    • Hey, sorry for the late reply. We were in a really intense relationship and I moved in and it sort of felt like he thought his work was done and he'd got me. So he completely changed and pulled away. I stayed for around a month and told him where I was at with it that the way he was being wasn't the relationship I was looking for.

      One day I left because it got too much and he had pushed me away too much.

      After he came back I worked to forgive him and we had like a day of being happy. He then confessed he had also been messaging other women too.

      It was just a step too far, especially when I had already worked hard about the sleeping with other people. So I told him I can't do it.

      Purely because I would then always be wondering what surprise is going to pop up next.

      Thank you for your opinion x

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