Should I ask my girlfriend if she cheated on me?

My Girlfriend of about 6 months went away on a vacation and I can't help the feeling that she cheated on me. I want to know what happened but I'm not sure if it would offend her or not.


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  • If you are doubting her, ask her. What will you do if the answer to your question is not the one you desire? Whether it is the answer you desire or not, it isn't ideal to be doubting someone in a relationship, it is like, why would you want to be in a relationship where you cannot fully trust that person? Just embrace the truth, whichever it is, don't be afraid to ask her anything, in a relationship, you should be able to talk to your partner about anything you wish. Good luck :)

    • Should I just be like...hey the past 3 months I haven't done there anything that happened while you were gone?

    • No, you should ask her, hey, for me you are very important and I would never do anything to harm you. I want us to be fully honest with each other about anything, because I wouldn't want us to doubt each other in a relationship. I would like us to be clear with each other always so, we don't have space to question. So, I have a question for you, I am sorry to question, but I don't like doubting you, so please answer me and just be honest, it's alright, and ask her, I was wonrding if anything happe

  • lol it didn't fit in there, the last sentence was, I was wondering if anything happened while you were gone...? OKay, the goal here is to make her feel comfortable so she can tell you the truth. Ok, let's think this throught, the worst scenario would be that you find out she cheated on you. Okay, so, if this is the truth that you find, don't fret, think critically, is she really worth it? Do I really love her? If you decide she is worth it, just talk it throught or maybe take a break at most. If you decide to end it, then, end it well. If she cheated is because there wasn't enought love and interest. When someone cheats, both are at fault, so don't blame her and make her feel guilty. If you decide to break up, break it well, like, I am sorry, I cannot see you the same way, and I believe that if you did cheat is becaue you are still not fuly interested (if you decide not to break up then, try to get her full interest ;) that's possible as well ) so, maybe we aren't for each other :) . Sorry to speak so much, just want to show you the possible scenarios you might be presented with and prepare you beforehand. Good luck :)


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