I feel like my ex blames me for everything?

I feel like my ex blames me for everything.

Shes a complete hypocrite, pointing out what I do wrong yet she does the complete same thing sometimes.

Ive admitted I've made mistakes and apologized but she won't even admit she's done anything wrong.

I can clearly see she still has feelings for me even tho she won't admit it.

What can I do?

Can you make it work with someone like this or do I just move on


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  • I say you should just forget about this girl. There is no way you can get her to stop blaming you for things. She's mad at you, and clearly for reasons that have probably nothing to do with the things for which you are being blamed. I say hang around her just long enough for her to give you more grief one more time, and then tell her off. Just rip right into her, and tell her how you're sick of the abuse she's giving you. Tell her what kind of a fucking hypocrite she's being, really just give her shit because what she's doing is uncalled for. There is no reason you need to take this kind of shit from her or anybody else.

    Once you've told her off, tell her to get the fuck out of your life and follow up by just walking out (if you're not in your own place), or tell her "get the fuck out of my house, cunt!" (if you are in your house), or hang up the phone (if this is over the phone), and really put this fucking cunt in her place, because it sounds to me like she really has it coming. From there I suggest block her number(s) from dialing your phone, block her from all IM programs, delete and block her from facebook, myspace, tag and all social networking sites and block her emails. If this bitch sends you a snail mail write "return to sender on the unopened envelopes. If you can think of other ways to completely cut her out, be sure to do them.

    From here, what I think you should do, is go out, live your life, have fun, check out some pubs, indulge in your hobbies, maybe pick up a new girlfriend, get somebody nice, and ultimately just get over this frankly abusive ExGF in your life. Because really man, you can always do better than an abuser. It's just the truth man. I think the only way you can possibly send her a message is by telling her off, and kicking her out of your life, and I am pretty certain of it that she'll just be abusive right back at you when you tell her off, and she will only take you seriously after she realizes you actually kicked her out of your life.

    I know that's probably not what you want to hear but as I see it it's the truth man. Worse yet I am pretty sure that if you ever let her back into her life she'll think she got away with this crap and within a couple weeks the cycle of abuse will begin anew. Nope. It's better you both go your separate ways and more importantly, better that you get over her and find somebody new for yourself. the cycle must end. You need to end it. Simple as that. Are you understanding me? I'm wishing you luck here man. Be strong. Be firm. Stand up for yourself. You deserve it. She has it coming.

    Good luck dude.

    • Haha funny thing is I've already done this.

      Got half cart Friday night and let it rip on her. told her everything I honestly thought about her, this carried on for 6 hours lol (thru txting). Had alota sh*t built up from the break up which I never brought up thinking she would get over it, or its just a phase.

      She pranked called me the next night but I feel so much better since I done that haha

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    • I ain't contacted her since that night, blocked her on fb but she rang on a private number (as she always has when she knows I won't answer her because the bank rings on a private number and I have to answer, just bought a house ^^)

    • So here is what you do. the instant you hear her voice you hang up. For example...

      ~Phone Rings~

      You - "Hello?"

      Her - "Hey c--"


      Simple as that. If that doesn't work, look into logging her calls with the phone company and threaten to send the records to the police if she keeps calling. Another alternative you can look into, is call blocking. Most telephone services (especially landlines) have some manor of blocking calls, even if you don't know the number. You should look into that.

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  • My ex did the same thing with me. I found out he was on a dating website, exclusively looking for a relationship, so I set a trap and he fell right into it. When he found out he turned utterly spiteful and dumped me as though I never meant anything and even went on to call me a joke. Now I can understand him been angry for not approaching him about the matter but him been out on the prowl, whilst in a relationship cleary prove that he did not have the best of intentions either. Break up are very rarely a one sided issue and if your ex girlfriend can not take a good long hard look at herself and realize her own faults then you are probably better off without her. Unfortunately for her she will probably have difficulty in her future relationships as well, particularly of she keeps the attitude that she can never be wrong.

  • just ignore it, from the sounds of it, you kinda seem annoyed. there is a reason why she's your ex. :)


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  • Just move on. Cut all contact. Don't inquire abut her or talk about her.

    She may come crawling back as an emotional wreck asking for forgiveness, she may not.

    But it's not worth your dignity with this girl to chase her and to logically argue with her. (once a girl's emotions take over, you can kiss logic and rational thinking goodbye)

    • Pretty much as I was saying. This guy should just cut off all contact and avoid her like she was carrying biblical plagues.

  • If you keep acting like a submissive puppy she will get on your toes so don't bother with it anymore, you should just let time takes its course and she will eventually forget you . don't look for other things nor feel guilty just do what you have to do and carry on like a real soldier .

  • If talking doesn't resolve anything, just move on.

    Those who can't communicate, cannot fix anything.

  • You ask "What can I do?".

    What are you looking to achieve?


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