Why did she choose him over me?

I don't understand why my crush chose him over me?

Looks wise, we have the same body type, I could kick his ass, I have much cleaner hair and nice facial hair.

Career wise, He works in technology what ever that means... Money wise I probably make more if not the same amount.

I don't know his personality, but my crush and I got along well, we laughed, joked flirted.

Effort wise, I would have done a lot for her, he wouldn't... She has to put in a lot of work for their relationship, planning, driving, she does everything... He seems to not put in too much effort.

I just don't know why she chose him, I feel like I'm way better than him...

The only two possible stupid reasons I can think of, but don't know if it can be true:

-She is Chinese and wanted a Chinese Guy
(I'm not Chinese)

-She wanted someone with an Apartment/Lives alone

-Age, wanted someone older than her?(I'm 1.5 years younger)

I just am lost why she chose him over me...

What does he have that I don't?
Why did she choose him over me?
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