Why would he choose her over me?

So the short of it is this---I like a guy, we flirted, we talked, and I was sure he was going to ask me out, but then this other girl started talking to him and now it appears they are getting "involved". The thing is that this girl is a complete slut and in fact just got out of a relationship. It's so frustrating because I have liked this guy for a long time and have been talking to him for much longer, yet, she came in and is now gonna get him. =(

I do not mean to make it out like I am better then her, but it just seems so obvious that she is not interested in the things that make up a mature relationship which I thought he wanted.

So guys, why would a guy chose the slut over the genuine, wholesome girl? I mean besides the "easiness" factor of the slut---or is that the only reason?


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  • I am not a guy, but usually its to do with getting laid, hate to say it, he may deep down want a relationship, but sometimes their dicks are like a compass and it leads them to the ones that will lie down and give them what they want. Doesn't of course mean you should do this, it does mean that you will end up with the guy who values longer relationships rather than sex. You deserve better hun, I would walk away from him. I know this is hard, but if he is going to her, then he may not be worth it.

    • "dicks are like a compass"

      LOL! That had me rolling

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  • You may be a strong consideration for him,

    But he doesn't have to sit back and "consider" this girl.

    She's a sure thing.

  • Well I'm not like that

    Personally, I'm turn off by chicks like that

    cuz 86% the time they are needy-wanty and shallow.to keep it short

    but the reason why it seems he picked her is the sex lol.

    or he just finds her more fun to be around *shrug* I'm not him

    but listen, if the guy can't tell the difference between a girl and a slut, you probably don't want to go out with him ya'know?

    that'll just destroy your character.and that's not cool.


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  • How could she have been in a relationship if she is a slut?

    She's probably more confident and sure of herself than you are. She wasn't afraid to go for what she wanted, and the results are her getting the guy. You could have put up more of a fight for him, without resorting to personal attacks, and shown him he was worth pursuing despite the competition. It sounds like you already surrendered, what else is he going to do?

  • I have been in this situatoin more times than I can count. Guys are irrational when it comes to woman. you can see a phd guy who has phd female friends dating a highschool drop out why? because he's attracted to her, simple as that. I knew a guy who was CRAZY About me. could barely control his desire for me, and then he met a slut who had a new boyfriend once every two weeks and forgot that I ever existed. He would work out in the gym for 4 hours a day. and grew about 20 pounds of muslce in 6 months. (at least 20 maybe 30) and is willing to make any sacrifice for her. Learn to take advtanage of the irrationality of guys. and date a guy that you dno't deserve to be with either (etc. a doctor, a pastor, an army general) the door is open for you. If she can do it, you can too.

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