My boyfriend won't unfollow his ex?

I'm trying to not be unreasonable, we broke up and got back together but when we were originally together, randomly he liked his exes picture. He had previously told me she cheated on him and they broke up over a year ago. So when I questioned if he still likes her because he wasn't even following her on Instagram so he had to go on her profile to see her pictures, he said no. He apologised but I wasn't happy. We broke up over something dumb and he came back asking to be with me again, the break up had hurt me so it took a while for me to agree but while we had broken up he had refollowed his ex on Instagram, so my ONLY request for us to get back was for him to remove her because I find it disrespectful after what happened, He agreed. A few days later it's still not happened, I questioned it, he ignored it. Am I being unreasonable? I really like him but if he can't do this he obviously must still like her because I'm not asking for a huge thing.
My boyfriend won't unfollow his ex?
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