What's the meaning of losing feelings for someone?

my boyfriend told me that he lost feelings for me and that he wants to break up. Is it possible for him to like me back? how did he lose feelings? why did he lose feelings? did he really lose feelings?


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  • If he is straight up honest that he lost his feelings for you, then he did lose feelings for you. Meaning the attraction he once felt for you is gone and he doesn't feel anything for you but indifference. It is possible for him to like you again but do not cling on to him. It will not only push him more away but will definitely tell you to stop chasing him. Let him go.

  • He could have been feeling lust or infatuation and it just kind of died down.
    Someone else may have caught their attention.
    He might just be a commitmentphobe.
    He might have realized something about you that either turned him off or made him realize the two of you were weren't compatible.
    Certain mental health issues or stress could cause a loss of feelings for others.
    Honestly it's really hard to figure out as there are so many possibilities out there and with so little details it would be extremely difficult to narrow things down to just one or a few select reasons.


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