Why does my ex girlfriend look sad and stare at me?

Hey there, so my ex is the one that broke up with me months ago and I went straight into 'no contact'. Sadly, we go to the same university. For the most part, I still care about and would like to be with her. Regardless though, even if she doesn't come back personally I wouldn't care.

So this Tuesday, I saw her at class and it has been a few days since I have seen her. When she came in, she stood next to the door and stared at me and looked sad. Threw me off a bit and I thought it was just me overthinking.

So we all broke off into groups and she was in another group. After class, our group stayed a bit longer just sat there looking sad again and she was close to me. Threw me off. As she was leaving, she stared at me looking sad and walked away.

My friend thinks that was intentional.

Someone thoughts? why do this?


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  • It sounds like even though she ended things she might be sad to have ended things or she's sad because it seemed like you were taking things so well, even if you weren't immediately cutting ties makes it seem like you are.

    • “even if you weren't immediately cutting ties makes it seem like you are.“

      What do you mean?

    • In past experience, if someone ends the relationship and you seem well off, it gets under their skin. Not that they intentionally wanted to hurt you, but they have a small part that makes them angry.

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