My ex-girlfriend's mum calling me during "No Contact" period...

Hi all,

I have already posted my story here. In brief my girlfriend broke up with me 10 days ago. We didn't have any contact for one week already. Last time she called me (3 days ago) I didn't answer. Now her mum is calling and messaging me with "friendly" 'how are you doing ?" I have always been in good relationship with her mum and she actually loved me as a son (that was she used to say me). So I don't want to be rude and just ignore her. On the other hand, I almost sure whatever I say will go directly to my X. so what should I do and say in this case ?



P.S. I do want my girlfriend back, but want it to be her deliberate decision and not some emotional temporary weakness...


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  • This is pretty creepy of her mom, imho. This is between you and your ex, and her mom should not get involved.

    I would say you should be civil, but that's it.

    Just answer her with very short answers like "fine, thanks".

    Don't get into any conversations, and if she brings up your ex, don't respond to that.


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