How do I handle the fact he chose someone else over me?

So I've known this guy for half a year now, we hooked up on the second date in the beginning, then we wouldn't meet for a couple of months because I was studying in another country, then when I came back everything was fine for a month, we were seeing each other, I was staying at his place and he would tell me he likes me a lot and basically everyone out of his circle knew we were seeing each other.

A couple of weeks ago, he became distant. I found out that he was seeing another girl and just decided to let him know about my attachment to him to let go emotions. And after that, he said that even though he really likes me, he is uncomfortable about seeing me anymore because of my attachment to him. Now his flatmates are telling me how he enjoys spending time with a new girl, how he tells them how hot she is and that she is just amazing. When asked about me, he refers to me as just a one night stand that got too attached.

It hurts more not because he found someone else, but that after half a year of knowing each other he seems to just not care. How do I get over this?
How do I handle the fact he chose someone else over me?
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