I feel like such a loser compared to my ex! Life is so unfair...

So we were together for more than 3 years, out of which he made me suffer a lot because of his jealousy, control issues, mistrust, etc. And I really mean he made me suffer. Sometimes he did stuff behind my back just to p*ss me off, or he'd put me down which totally and completely broke my self esteem. He was really cruel. I'm not saying I was a saint, but yeah, he was meaner than I was.

I dumped him, but he kept trying to get me back. However, he still would criticize me for my friends, for the places I hung out at, etc. He'd call me empty and like every other girl, even a slut.

The thing is, even though he was a douche, he's not suffering, as a matter of fact, all good things happen to him, and bad things happen to me. Case in point, for New Year's I hung out with my friends, drank a bit, and had some sushi, I think the sushi was bad or something, 'cause I ended throwing up the whole night! So no, I didn't have fun. Yet a friend we have in common in facebook posted a video of where my ex was partying, and it seems like he had the time of his life.

He has a great social life, he always goes out, etc. And he has a lot of slutty friends, who're really empty headed, etc., I know them! Yet you know what he told me? That he values them more than me, because I disappointed him with how much I've changed since we broke up. Of course I changed, I'm no longer under his control. He says he feels he deserves all the good things that happen to him, and that maybe I do deserve all the sh*t I've been going through.

I suck at making friends, and most of my friends have other friends, so I'm often left out. I feel like such a loser, and it's so unfair that good things happen to bad people, like him. He was really arrogant last time we talked, he actually said I didn't deserve him, that he's too good for me.


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  • Really girl, if you think you're life is bad I have to say you're the only one making it that way. Honestly just by listening to that jerk you are allowing him to influence you and your opinion of YOURSELF.

    Stop listening to him, stop paying attention to him and concentrate on you! Go out and make some friends (I know it's not easy, I'm a shy person so I don't make friends easily either) even if you go on a website to make friends that you can go hang out with. By the way, plentyoffish.com is a great place to meet people in your area as friends or to even go on dates.

    But it really looks like you are just letting this guy stay in your life only to continue to make you miserable. You don't need him to bring you down, ignore that jerk and concentrate on bettering yourself. Make you feel good about you, no matter what it is. Get your nails or hair done, work out, work towards a promotion or anything you can think of. Really though, make yourself love you and don't let this guy continue to trample you.


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  • You are not a loser! In any case he sounds like selfish person who thinks he's mr big shot when really he's just a douche with nothing other than a party life. Forget him its the hardest yet best thing to do because he's not going to change and you shouldn't have to put up with his crap!

  • My breakup was really similar to this aswell. Just competely cut him out of your life, that's what I did. My ex is also an arrogant pig, who did nothing but insult me. Hopefully this guy will get a std from one of these sluts


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