How did my ex get over me so quickly?

We broke up 3 months ago. She started seeing someone else. I went NC. She broke NC and spoke with me after 2 months. But she seems so much happier and totally over me. I'm trying to do the same but can't believe how quickly she moved on. This was a girl who told me her feelings before I did and pushed for a relationship (I was unsure as we lived 3 hours apart). I haven't contacted her and am doing all I can to forget her but I'm just shocked by how well she is doing. Most threads I have read on here always have the ex calling or speaking to them telling them they missed them but apart from the one time she contacted me (and that was only general chit chat) she hasn't even acknowledged my existence! I know I need to move on and I am doing so it just depresses me to not be as happy as she is.


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  • I just had a guy to this to me actually. we to, broke up 3 months ago.And, like your ex, this was a guy who told how much he loved me, he would never leave me, wanted to marry me etc (we were together 1 year 4 mths) Eventually I went NC for 3 weeks and broke it. Big mistake on my part because I found out information that I didn't want to know. He told me he is happier, he is "talking" to someone else, he is in culinary school now etc. Broke my heart to know he could move on this quickly and that he is happier without me when I am miserable without him.

    He has never contacted me just to chit chat like your ex. Personally, I believe your ex did that to hurt you some more. She would have to know that you don't want to hear how great her life is without you. So that was a b*tch move on her part and if I was you it would make me angry.

    My ex, after I called him first, called me a weeks and a half ago to be "civil" and to "end things on a better note". I regret answering the call. This is when he was telling me how great his life is. He didn't call me for the reasons he claimed. He called to "spit" in my face some more. I know how you feel about being depressed that you are not as happy as she is. It's how I feel too. We always want to be the first to move on you know? It doesn't always work that way. Heartbreak sucks. And it won't be easy to move on if you loved her. I guess we just loved our exes more than they did us.

    Do yourself a favor though. If she would happen to call again, don't answer. More than likely, she is just calling to "spit" in your face too. Good luck and I'm sorry your going through this!


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  • life is so unfair sometimes! I m so sorry man I know how bitter your heart gets. but sometimes there is no other option but to just stand up nd move on.

    there is no point in wanting the other person to feel bad. it won't effect them... its just you who will feel even more depressed by this thought... try to forgive her... this will do you good. you know you can do it


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  • She moved on so quickly because he had options to do so, and she contacted you to boost her ego. Since girls do this all the time its best to never talk to them again when they break up with you. Girls love to be chased and it doesn't matter if they have a boyfriend or not. They want to feel wanted and craved all the time. Then there is the fact that she wanted you to feel sad and messed up. That is the only reason why someone would tell their ex that they are doing better without them. Never talk to her again no matter what. She was just using you as a ego boost when she talked to you, nothing more. The best thing to do now is to move on, have a good life, and have her wonder about you for the rest of her life. She will try to contact you again someday, but ignore her. Don't communicate with her, ever. When a girl wants to know about you the curiosity messes with her. Just remember that no girl is worth your self respect, so it's best to never talk to a girl again after a break up and just move on.


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