My girlfriend treats me nicely, then really badly.

So I've been dating my girlfriend for a long time. One year. And we are a good couple. We like a lot of the similar things and just have fun doing nothing..

Just being with each other makes us happy.. we have plans to be married and she says she's never me another guy as great as me.. and in all honesty I treat her like a princess.. I do what I can. She's met my family. I met her family. She wears my promise ring and the necklace I gave her.. she says she loves me and all...

But every time we get into a fight she makes a big deal out of it and says she hates me and things aren't working out and she doesn't like me or wanna see me...

She always says she hates me but then the next day or a couple of days after she says she loves me and all this stuff.. when I see her... she sleeps in my arms and hugs me and is always worried about what I'm doing...

She's really jealous of my ex girlfriend and is always bringing her up saying I should be with her and that I'm trashy like her blah blah blah

Sometimes she even breaks up with me... but always she takes me back..

Shell break up with me but won't change her relationship status on facebook...

Today, she said she hates me and doesn't want me but then I read her diary and she said her biggest fear is to lose me.. and she wishes she could she me how much she loves me...

What's going on? I'm so hurt by this girl..


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  • THIS IS SO CREEPY! that was me in the past with my ex! O.O.i kno I did the guy wrong I treated him like sh*t when he treated me like his didn't take until we broke up and I saw how bad I was that changed me and how much I missed him.ever since I've been a whole different person I never even hurt a guy I wuldnt even think of it...i was the worst I wuld break up with him ALL the time always because I thought it wuldnt work out until one day I broke up with him after a huge arguement and he actaully agreed with the break up he had never in the past every time I said I wanted to break up he begged not to leave and so I didn't and when he agreed and left my world was turned upside down I didn't know what I had until I lost it..sorry I'm here with my story best word of advice is to tell her tell her how wrong she's treating you if it takes a break then take a break do somethin to make her see it anything! that's what it took for me to change so be tuff on her tell her if she's not gona change your the one that's gona leave and hopefully that's enough to change of luck <3


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  • Shes insecure its a defense mechanism she does all that maybe because she is afraid of you hurtin her. It seems as if its a love hate relationship ith her I don't honestly think she can hate you.Hav you ever made her feel as if she wouldn't be able to trust you?

    • She says I hurt her all the time when I don't show up on time or when I say imma go with my friends. She's scared of me going out with my friends and cheating on her.

      I've never done anything to make her feel this way besides bringing her places where my ex was..

      But other than that I treat her nice. I even cry

    • In any type of relationship anyone would know that you never ever mention any sort of past relationship that's why its such a fresh start. since you already mentioned her (ex) just stop don't mention if you and her have shared experiences where ever, for the fact that she's wondering if you might have harbored feelings for her and that's an ugly thought to have cross the mind shell never feel like she was the only one it would work out if you create new existing memories with her not where you had

  • ask her why she treats you that way, sit down and talk to her, a long convo between you she worth it? Is she the one you can't see yourself without? then do your thing and get her back...if she's not a great person then dump her

  • Sounds like she thinks she doesn't deserve you , that's a pretty big compliment . If you really love her , you would tell her that its bothering you

    If she does not care what you have to say about the whole thing , then she's not worth it at all if the situation gets too bad , break up with her . If she comes cryin to you saying that she needs you after that then its your choice if you want to go through all of that stuff over again.

    If you think she's not ment for you then she's probely not , there are lots of other pretty girls out there

  • If she traets you like that then break-up with her, she's taking advantag of you!


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  • hey
    upon my own experience, every girl dream of a guy who can present all men in her life beside being her own man, she want to see a father a brother a friend and an amazing lover.
    unfortunately one in ten men can reach that stage for a regular standard girl and in regular standard conditions in a regular standard maturity and... etc, so it's not an accurate matter it varies paralleled to the variety of personalities situations and needs.
    all bullshit about sex fever fading, or intimacy fading bla bla bla is non sense...
    a woman behavior changes when she start feeling unsafe or not totally secured or confident with her man which means one of her needs are not being fulfilled or not satisfied with your way of fulfilling, so they start pushing you away and treat you differently and wait for your reaction which decides the next stage and the upcoming relationship status and future...
    so as I said the four in one theory is the thing (Father, Brother, Friend and Lover) if you assure two you get balance three is perfect four is very rare one is a problem non of course is a turn off...
    -Father is respect caring and guiding sometimes it means being tough in serious issues and care for what is best for her not what she wants.
    -Brother is safety and sharing, it means defend her infront of people or from her despite she is wrong or right which can be discussed later privately, sharing is about making sure she is full before you are while eating together warm and comfy before you are while sleeping and... etc all other things you share together.
    -Friend is secrets and consulting which means the person who knows all her weaknesses and life details but yet listens and never judges and gives opinion upon that so she can be able to be weird and show her real face and weak side.
    -Lover is passion and confidence which she can share her wildest passions and even kinky stuff with plus feel like a real women and see her self in his eyes as the most beautiful woman and the most successful one.

    So in your case my friend she definitely lost at least two of them or not satisfied with what you are giving so she is trying to get on your nerves so you kick back and give her an excuse to treat you bad.
    you should talk to her honestly and ask how does she feels and think about you, then take a brake from eachother for at least two weeks to give eachother time to think of solutions and relax then make the final decision.

  • I really treaded my LDR so bad that she brokeup with me as I don't want and then after 4 days she said friends is good then she messaging me like after 4 or 3 days always which i don't like then she brokupe with me as friend too now nothing between us

  • sounds to me like your girlfriend is either bipolar or has borderline personality disorder.

  • She may have bordelrine personality disorder.


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