I think I broke my manz... how can I apologise (,,•́ . •̀,,)?

OK so I've been really really stressed these past few months (very unrelated to corona) and i was particularly upset that day and my boyfriend and I, we kinda had a little disagreement and I broke up with him. I was being difficult and dumb and I didn't wanna sit with him and talk about it (´-﹏-`;) and I only realised how trivial the matter was the next day. In that short time that we weren't together... it felt like someone had ripped out a major organ from me. Not a pleasant feeling by the way. But anyway I gained the couraged and we talked and I apologised and then he apologised and said it was his fault and I told him it was mine and we made up... kinda. Lately I feel I little rift between us. I can tell his still hurt and hez paranoid I might break up with him again. We tried to have another talk today but he doesn't like confrontation and he was probably scared we might argue again so he ran off. How can I let him know I love him and that am sorry? ( I'm not too bad at singing and creative writing so I wanted to write him a song then I smacked my forehead coz I just rememberer this isn't a musical rom com where everything is fixed by singing)
I think I broke my manz... how can I apologise (,,•́ . •̀,,)?
6 mo
Thank you lovely lads most of your advice helped save my relationship. I'm forever grateful (・∀・)👌✨
I think I broke my manz... how can I apologise (,,•́ . •̀,,)?
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