Should I or should I not be friends with my ex?

My boyfriend broke up with me and it's because he's and has to move to another country next year for a teaching position in the fall at a college, I am happy for him and I love him so, I didn't try to stop or object to it when he broke up with me, the last thing I said to him was " I won't forget you and I love you." The next morning he messaged me and wrote that he still wants to remain friends and still loves me but, he doesn't think that it's fair to make me have an LDR since my career is here in the U. S. I don't know what to do and I am not sure if I can go back to being "just friends" with as much that has happened between us. Should I keep in contact as a friend or leave everything behind? We were very close and supportive to each other as friends first and as boyfriend and girlfriend too.
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Thanks so much for the advice and opinions from all of you lovely Gaggers! I've made the decision to decline the offer for friendship. I definitely don't want to be friends with someone who's left me in my darkest hour. I've recently had some bad circumstances and lost a loved one to a terminal illness too. I'm moving on with my life and I'm grateful for everything.
Should I or should I not be friends with my ex?
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