Pregnant AGAIN from ex.. what do I do?

I am pro choice if you are not please do not have me for discussing abortion. My ex came inside me without my consent, he knows I do not want to be pregnant. I just had a baby this past April. We are broken up now and I found out because of what he did last month I am now pregnant again. I assumed I would just get an abortion but I am second guessing because 1. I do want a second child I just didn’t so soon and not with my ex 2. M child would be full siblings and not half / same father and I wouldn’t have two baby daddies in the future. 3. He did this on purpose because he knew I was going to leave him and he is super manipulative and a liar. Would it make me weird to have his second child even though we will not be together. Or what should I do? I’m just lost.. last pregnancy I was severely sick.
Pregnant AGAIN from ex.. what do I do?
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