Why does my ex so cold and distant?

Hi, Just before lockdown, I started seeing someone that I worked with. He had not long split up with someone and I was the same, we liked each other for some time and it progressed into a relationship.

Due to covid, I had to live between my ex partners and my mother's house, which led to jealously on his behalf.

He hooked up with his ex and I forgave him, everything went downhill from there.

He led me on for months telling me that he wanted to be with me and he wished he could 'save' me from my living situation.

Then he went so cold a distant for a couple of weeks, I asked him what was up and he said that he was stuggling and that he still loved me, wished that he could kiss me and that the night with his ex never happened. Said thing like I was 'a drug' he couldn't stay away and that he needed to go 'cold turkey' and was saying about getting under someone else to get over me.

One week later... he was in a relationship lol! I forced him to talk to me (not my style) said this was not right and he denied that anything had happened between us recently.

Weeks have passed and now I feel like I am starting to get over him, I still have to face him at work everyday and he is still so cold and distant. He can't look me in the eye, never once did he say sorry or ask if I am okay. I really trusted him and he was a good friend before. I had to take a couple of weeks off to get away. I just want to be civil and get on with my life now - he put me in such a bad place. I am still nice to him, that how I was raised. Why can he be so cruel? Was it a total lie all along? I still cannoy wrap my head around how someone can treat you like that.
Why does my ex so cold and distant?
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